CAS Brochure

Financial Brochure Design


CLIENT: Continental Advanced Solutions
PROJECT: Financial Brochure Design

Continental Advanced Solutions is a financial institution offering merchant cash advances. For the brochure design, we wanted a clean, friendly feel, with a little energy. We used the bright blue and green colors of the CAS logo design for the color pallet and added subtle gradients to keep the brochure from looking flat and dull.

Explaining the merchant cash advance process can be very complicated. To solve this problem we added an illustrated diagram to the center inside panel to help graphically explain the information. We separated the diagram from the rest of the brochure by adding a grey background and inverting all the text and graphics. This helps visually separate the information from the rest of the brochure, making it easier for the viewer to mentally recall later.

The rest of the brochure has clean white space and elegant sans-serif fonts for a sophisticated design. The photography chosen features smiling, friendly faces that help invite the readers in and create a non-intimidating feeling that comes with the detailed financial process.


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