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PROJECT: Logo Design
CLIENT: Bermo Enterprises

I recently had the opportunity to rework the logo for Bermo Enterprise, a 40-year-old discount clothing retailer. The company is going through a rebuilding stage and altering its business model by dropping most of the brick and mortar locations and focusing on the online side of the business. With the rebuilding, they felt it was time to redesign the logo in an effort to update the company image.

The original logo had been in use for almost 40 years and my first consultation with the client was to try and keep a similar feel so that we didn’t alienate the current client base. They are also dropping “Enterprise” off the name. As you can see in my first design renditions I tried an updated version of the letter B and the font.


We all felt that it still had a dated look. I thought that the first issue that needed addressing was the typeface. While the rounded M had a more modern feel to it, the B, E, and R just didn’t fit well together. They all had different x-heights and lacked symmetry. I altered the letters so that they aligned on the x-height and the improvement was immediate. I then proceeded to experiment with fonts, lowercase options, and boldness. The results were weak at best so I went back to the altered typeface.

On the original font, the R was still distracting. I dropped the leg of the R below the baseline and slanted the leg of the M to create a design that now had the R and M interacting with each other while giving the type a unique look.


As I’m sure most of you have heard, most clients look for a “design” in a new logo. The client felt like it should have a B that could stand alone. So I started to explore additional options based off a standalone B. After brainstorming and sketching out ideas I took the best options, added the typeset and digitized them.

logo design sketches

While some of these options had merit they really didn’t offer any benefit to the brand. If this new logo was going to be on all their products and marketing it just made more sense to keep the name as dominant as possible. The letter Bs simply distracted the test groups and had no connection to the old brand. As with most graphic design, less is more.

The client chose to go forward with the new typeface I had altered. A simple logo with enough uniqueness to stand out, but with instant recognizability that doesn’t alienate the current customers. They picked a blue color scheme to connect back with the old branding they had.



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