How To Start a T-Shirt Design Business

“This design would look great on a t-shirt!” That thought must cross every sketchbook doodler’s mind at some point. The thing is, there’s a lot more to the t-shirt design business than a sketchbook and an idea. I’m not saying don’t chase your dreams but if you’re serious about starting a t-shirt business, continue reading.

5 Things Graphic Designers DON’T Do

To the outside world there seems to be some confusion about the exact role of a graphic designer. I’m not talking about what people think about the graphic design process. I’m talking about what we, as graphic designers, do and don’t do. The confusion is usually showcased in the form of a question from our sometimes

How NOT To Pick A Graphic Designer

If you’re selecting graphic designers, web designers or other creative pros based solely on price, be prepared to get what you paid for. I know you can go online and find really cheap designers. You can also find really bad portfolios and really bad designs that businesses use. And guess what? It makes your business look bad and

5 Things Every Entry Level Designer Should Know

Every year hordes of new designers graduate and thousands more will buy a laptop, learn Illustrator, and call themselves designers. With such a flood of raw, inexperienced “graphic design” hitting the world I think we can take note of some basic principles that anyone calling themselves a designer should follow.   Never work for free If your work

“Branding is Nonsense”

Milton Glaser interview-Branding Milton Glaser, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the great graphic designers of our time. He is most noted for the I ♥ NY design which has become a pop culture icon as well as one of the most recognizable and reproduced logos in history. If you don’t know his name

7 Things You Want To Tell Your Design Clients

We all have those design clients that drive us nuts from time to time. The ones who expect us to design everything for free, at the drop of a hat, and be appreciative that they are our clients. If you haven’t then just wait… you will. So here is a list of things we all

Walking For Creativity

I found a great post from Outside Magazine, with research from Marily Oppezzo and Daniel L. Schwartz at Stanford University, that shows aerobic exercise, like walking, can stimulate creativity. In my own experiences I would have to agree that the act of exercising has two great benefits. It distracts you from your work. No matter if you’re walking, lifting or

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