How NOT To Pick A Graphic Designer

If you’re selecting graphic designers, web designers or other creative pros based solely on price, be prepared to get what you paid for. I know you can go online and find really cheap designers. You can also find really bad portfolios and really bad designs that businesses use. And guess what? It makes your business look bad and cheap!

Let me emphasize my point with a little story. I recently had new windows installed in my house. I called 3 window replacement companies to come out and quote the job.

Company #1

had the cheapest price. When asked what brand and type of windows they use I was told “good ones”. They had no warranties or insurance, had no details of the windows and he worked out of his truck.

Company #2

was the most expensive. Showed up with a professional display from the manufacturer, demonstrated the features, guaranteed the craftsmanship of the window, warranted the installation work and windows (transferable as well), was bonded and insured, and the company had been in business for over 40 years.

Company #3

was middle-tier priced. Insisted that they could beat company #2’s price, never came to the house to measure sizes, aggressively tried to get me to pay up front on the initial phone call, and offered a warranty on the labor only.

I went with company #2. Why? They were the professionals. I didn’t want my windows to leak, break, be installed badly or cost me a lawsuit if a shard of glass cut the installers. I paid extra for the guys who knew what they were doing, backed it up, and delivered a quality product the first time around.

Sure company #1 would have been the cheapest, but who knows what horror stories I would have had. This little lesson applies to choosing graphic designers as well. Do you really want the cheapest product for the face of your company? Or would you rather pay the extra fee to get a quality product that will be delivered as expected the first time around?

I mean, seriously? If your designer’s biggest concern is getting the work no matter how low the pay, do you really think their skills are any good?