7 Things You Want To Tell Your Design Clients

We all have those design clients that drive us nuts from time to time. The ones who expect us to design everything for free, at the drop of a hat, and be appreciative that they are our clients. If you haven’t then just wait… you will.

So here is a list of things we all wish we could tell our design clients. I wish it could be sent with the work agreement when we accept the job. Enjoy. Let me know if you think I missed any others.

1. Graphic design takes time

The computer is only a tool for us. It does not produce ideas or creativity. It does not allow us to magically pop out designs in the blink of an eye. There is a creative process and the computer is the very last stage of it. Believe it or not the ideas come from our brains.


2. Good design is not cheap, cheap design is not good

I’ve spent my career learning and fine tuning my craft. Respect it, appreciate it, and expect to pay for my expertise. You get what you pay for. If you want a cheap design ask your niece to design your flyer and hope it doesn’t make your customers run to your competitors.


3. I know more about graphic design than you

This is my job. I’ve spent years learning it. I didn’t put a picture of a cat on your flyer because you’re not in the cat business. Everything I put in a design is strategically placed, colored and sized for a reason. Making your logo fill 50% of a flyer is not an effective design. If you don’t believe me, here is my resume.


4. You are not my only client

I’m not sitting in front of my phone all day waiting for you to call. I have many clients and projects to work on. I will get to your design as fast as I can and that will probably not be within the hour.


5. I don’t work in Microsoft Word

I use design tools and software, like a mechanic uses auto tools. You wouldn’t ask your mechanic to fix your car with duct tape and super glue would you? I don’t build template designs. There are websites for that and I wish you all the luck trying to get them to work for you.


6. Photographs are not free

Yes, you can go to Google and do an image search and see pictures. Those photos are normally copyrighted and they aren’t print quality. Don’t run your business like a criminal. Pay for the services you use and stop being a cheap ass.


7. If you ask for extras, expect to pay extra

You commissioned me for a specific job. If you ask me to do other jobs, expect to be billed for them. When you order a dinner at a restaurant and then ask for cake you will be charged for cake. If you pay me for a logo design and then ask for a brochure, you can expect to be billed for a brochure.