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CLIENT: Rowland Construction

PROJECT: Logo redesign

BRIEF: I recently had the opportunity to redesign a logo for a Texas based construction company. After years of service Rowland felt that their logo felt dated and and needed a new look. This was a two part design. We needed to create a simple icon that could be used with and without the typeface that cold be used on items like apparel, machinery, promotional products and signage. For the new logo we went with a bold sans serif typeface with hard lines and a strong look. We closed the kerning of some of the letters to create a sense that the letter are connecting together to form one unit to represent the construction industry. Then to reference the state of Texas we created a star inside the O letterform to symbolize the lone star state like the state flag. The icon portion of the logo is a rounded corner square with the R form punched out and the star creating the negative space referencing back to the type logo. The red color scheme was darkened to create a more bold feel with red still asserting strength, power and courage.


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